Manufacturing technology of mosaic tiles (mosaic) at home
You yourself can make mosaic tiles at home, for this you will need easily accessible and inexpensive materials that can be purchased at hardware stores, and forms - which can also be made independently. From the mosaic tile made, you can type tabletops, mosaic panels, etc., which will give the interior a completely unusual look.
Mosaic tile
Decorative mosaic tiles are an excellent option for finishing the bathroom, kitchen, swimming pools, saunas, as well as for exterior and interior decoration of residential and public buildings, a wide variety of interiors. Durability, durability, resistance to environmental effects and amazing beauty, color saturation - these are the qualities that make the mosaic ever young and popular. Today the mosaic is the most modern and stylish finishing material used in the decoration.
Manufacturing technology mosaic tiles at home
For the manufacture of mosaic tiles will require the following tools and accessories:
  1. Forms
  2. Gloves
  3. Mixing container
  4. Fill tool
  5. Matrix
  6. Reinforcing mesh
  7. Filler
This technology uses readily available and inexpensive materials that can be purchased at hardware stores.

The process of making mosaic tiles consists of seven main steps:
Stage 1. Preparation of forms for filling
Stage 2. Preparing the filler for casting
Stage 3. Preparation of the working mixture
Stage 4. Fill Forms
Stage 5. Extraction of fillings from forms
Stage 6. Processing of blanks
Stage 7. Matrix set