Marble Tiles and Mosaics
Even in ancient times, man used marble, both for construction and for decoration. The tile made from it, to this day, is the best material for finishing. Marble has many advantages and good qualities. First of all, it is very beautiful, and also has high strength. If its surface is polished, it will show remarkable reflective qualities.
Marble mosaic
This material has earned deserved popularity. Since it is made from waste processing of large pieces of marble, it is cheaper than the original material, while it has its advantages. Mosaic is lighter than marble itself, which significantly reduces the load on the bearing floors. And since the mosaic is a mixture of marble chips and cement, the imitation of natural stone is worthy.

Facing marble mosaic makes it possible to make the surface of both colorful and monochrome. Very often, in the production of a mosaic, various minerals are added to it as dyes, which makes it possible to obtain shades of colors that cannot be found in nature. Finishes in the form of various panels with patterns and drawings have the most unusual and gorgeous look. Such a "picture" will be the central decoration for the bathroom.
Marble tiles
Tile for the floor with imitation "marble" is allowed to be laid in such rooms as: hallway, living room, kitchen, but mostly it is mounted on the floor of the bathroom. This material, based on marble, is resistant to water, and "feels good" at high humidity. It is very easy to clean and perfectly cleaned with detergents. Treat it with low acidity, but not necessarily containing abrasives.

Floor tiles are thicker than the one that is used to trim the walls. This is done so that it can withstand stronger mechanical loads that fall on the floor. Here, the use of artificial marble for decoration of the floor is more appropriate, because of its good strength properties, rather than natural stone.

The floor imitated marbled is in perfect harmony with the decorative elements consisting of artificial or natural stone. Such elements can be: shelf, decorative side, tabletop. In such an environment will look good bath made of artificial marble.

And, of course, the walls are also finished with marble tiles. This material is mainly with a glossy surface, due to which the space visually expands. They are covered with walls as a whole, as well as individual sections. Very often in the decoration combine different materials. It looks interesting artificial marble in the company with wall painting, or various kinds of decorative plaster.

Faux tile sizes range from a square of fifteen to fifteen centimeters to squares measuring sixty by sixty centimeters. But also produce rectangular tiles. The larger the tile size, the higher the price per square meter. But a large tile has fewer joints when laying, and this in turn gives a sense of solidity of the plane.