Features of decorating metal mosaic
Designers are always in search of new non-standard space design ideas. Such a finishing material, such as a metal mosaicthat has recently appeared on the market, fully contributes to the creation of incredible projects combining modern trends and high practical indicators.
Metal mosaic is used to finish a variety of interior elements: the floor, ceiling, steps, columns, wall panels, and so on. Surface decoration can be complete or partial (for example, to select some area). For decorating surfaces in rooms with high humidity (bathroom, kitchen, pools, etc.), a special series of stainless steel metal mosaics is produced. A variety of shades of such a material is achieved by applying another metal to its surface.

When deciding to buy a mosaic made of metal, it should be remembered that it is intended to a greater extent for decorating the internal surfaces, and is not suitable for the implementation of exterior decoration. This is important because the use of this material has several limitations:

  • The mosaic polluted with dust and household dirt should be washed only with recommended products. The use of household chemicals can spoil the surface of such a mosaic.
  • If a rubber base was used as a substrate for a metal mosaic (which is often the case), then such material should not be used in an unheated room.
  • Mosaic with a bronze or brass coating can be used only when decorating walls. It is undesirable to use this option for the floor, as the surface will quickly wear out.
In addition, it is important to choose the right metal mosaic so that it will serve faithfully for a long time.
Metal mosaic selection rules
Metal mosaic, due to its high performance and decoration qualities, is offered by manufacturers at a fairly high price. In this regard, the choice of such a finishing material should be carried out with extreme caution, since unscrupulous sellers are ready to sell under the guise of an expensive mosaic made of stainless steel, elements that have a coating that mimic the "stainless steel". Therefore, always ask the seller about the characteristics of the metal from which the mosaic is made. Including quality steel.